We’re not quite ready to post all of our recipes yet but here’s a preview of what be appearing soon on The Village Plate. Links will appear as recipes become available. Please make sure to check back often for new posts and recipe updates! Thank you!

Food & Drink Recipes

Hot Beverages


  • Tom Ka Gai / Coconut Chicken Soup (Thailand)

Main Course

  • Schnitzel (Austria)
  • Chicken Paprikash (Hungary)
  • Goulash (Hungary)
  • General Tso’s Chicken (Chinese North American Fusion)
  • Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks (Asian Canadian Fusion)
  • Japchae / Sweet Potato Starch Noodles (Korean)

Side Dishes


  • Langosh (Hungary)

Beverages – Non Alcoholic

  • Butterfly Pea Flower Drink (Thailand)
  • Tamarind Juice (Thailand)
  • Lemon Mint Slushie (Laos)

Beverages – Alcoholic


  • Linzer Cookies (Austria)
  • Almond Crescent Cookies (Austria)
  • Apple Streudel (Austria)
  • Chimney Cake (Hungary)

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