Tara at Wat Po in Bangkok, Thailand

Food Lover, Travel Enthusiast,

Freelance Writer & Amateur Photographer.

Hi. I’m Tara MacDonald. Welcome to The Village Plate and thanks for stopping by!

The Village Plate was launched in January 2015 as the topic for a Social Media Certification programme through Algonquin College. The Village Plate is a collection of stories about living, working, travelling and eating my way around the world.

I am a writer and communications specialist with an academic background in International Development and a passion for food, photography and travel. My first degree was in English Literature, followed by a Master’s in International Development at the University of Ottawa and Certification in Gender and Development from the University of the West Indies.

Over the years, I’ve visited more than 30 countries and spent time living and or working in Afghanistan, Austria, Barbados, Botswana, Germany, South Korea and the U.K. With every trip I learn something new about food, culture, people and relationships. Here you’ll find a guide to regional food and drinks around the world as well as travel tips, recipes, the occasional restaurant or cooking class suggestion and stories about food, travel and the people we meet along the way.

I hope you find inspiration and guidance for your own travel and cultural experiences whether it be in a remote part of the Global Village or in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Tara MacDonald


More details are on my contact page, or connect on the following social media outlets below:

For any questions or contribution inquiries fill out the online form on the contact page or drop me a line at: taramacdonaldis@hotmail.com

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