Wild Mushrooms of Eastern Ontario

14612559_10157734077185107_7666461331642631668_oWell folks as you can see I’m back in Canada! While I certainly miss Austria and all of my friends in Gols, it’s good to be home.

As spring approaches, I’ve been asked to do a presentation on foraging for wild mushroom for the local Green Thumb group. A great excuse to get back to my blog, I’ve been busy uploading photos and making videos.


Dad holding a Giant Puffball

While I’ve always had an interest in wild foods, it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to take a workshop with The Wild Mushroom Lady – hosted by Bedrock and Brambles in Gooderham, ON – that I felt comfortable foraging for wild fungi on my own. Well, with the exception of giant puff mushrooms  that is – which is the only wild mushroom we ever foraged growing up and which tastes absolutely delicious sliced up and sauteed with butter and garlic!

* Check out our review of The Wild Mushroom Lady!

Learning about and foraging for wild mushrooms turned out to be way more rewarding than I ever imagined. Learning about all of the local fungi, sharing my new knowledge with friends, spending time outdoors, harvesting and processing enough produce to keep my family fed the whole year through has been an amazing experience.


Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting about the various wild mushrooms found around eastern Ontario and sharing my experiences in the bush and in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy the photographs and joining me on my adventures with food in Canada and around the world. Stay tuned to learn more about foraging in Eastern Ontario!

Do you enjoy foraging for wild foods?

I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comment section below.


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