Grammeln & Schmalz (Austrian cracklings & lard)

Grammeln is an Austrian specialty made ​​from pork fat but you can also find them in Germany.  Unlike cracklings – which are made from pork skin – grammeln are bits of connective tissue that get seared in the rendering process when producing lard. 


Around the world, you can find different variations of grammeln such as Čvarci (Serbia), Chicharrónes (Spain), Scrunchions in Newfoundland (Canada) or cracklings in the UK, the USA and Canada. Another variation is gribenes – made from chicken or goose skin – which is popular in Jewish cuisine.

How to eat grammeln?

Grammeln is typically eaten as a snack on rye bread with a pinch of salt or mixed with lard (schmalz) and used as a spread called ‘Grammelschmaltz‘. While it might sound gross, grammelschmaltz on rye bread garnished with some thinly sliced spring onions is absolutely delicious!

Lard-based biscuit with bits of grammeln mixed in – called ‘Grammelpogatscherl‘ – are also very popular. Here in Gols, you’ll see a lot of Grammelpogatscherl served in houses, at events or when visiting the wine makers. Grammeln can also be used as an filling for dumplings or strudel.

Where to find grammeln?

While you can find grammeln at most local grocery stores in Austria, I’d highly recommend the home-made variety! On your next trip to Austria, make sure to to visit a Heuriger or Weinstube (wine gardens serving food). Here you’re almost sure to find fresh grammeln or grammenschmaltz to snack on. Pair it with a glass of white wine – such as a Grüner Veltliner or a Welschriesling – for best results.

Coming soon!

  • How to make Grammeln and Schmalz at home!

What’s your favourite Austrian snack? I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Grammeln & Schmalz (Austrian cracklings & lard)

    • Hi Sileas, I’m new to grammeln but they are so addictive! I haven’t tried them in dumplings yet but that will change very soon 🙂 Just checked out your blog – it’s great! Maybe we can meet in Vienna one day. It would be awesome to have some new blogger friends that I can meet face-to-face.


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