Eisenstadt Flea Market – Burgenland, Austria

I like to take it easy on Sundays. For me that means getting outside, enjoying the sunshine and exploring. It could be a castle, a joy ride, doing photography or visiting a market.

These days, my favourite Sunday routine includes a visit to the Eisenstadt Flea Market (or flohmarkt in German). Located less than an hour away from either Vienna or Bratislava, Eisenstadt makes for a great day trip. Spend the morning at the market and then head over to Esterházy Palace or the Haydn-House for an afternoon tour, a picnic at the Palace Park, or enjoy a glass of Burgenland wine and the relaxed atmosphere of one of the many wine taverns or heurigers.

The Eisenstadt Flea Market is the largest in Burgenland and one of the best in Austria. I’m always on the look-out for antique kitchenware or rustic farmhouse decor and this market doesn’t disappoint! You can find primitive butter churns, antique pâté molds, bonze and silver wear, German cake molds, vintage Hungarian linens, wooden wagon wheels and so much more.

Unlike Vienna’s Naschmarkt, Eisenstadt’s weekly flea market caters mostly to locals. While it’s a bit smaller than the Naschmarkt, Eisenstadt offers a more authentic experience without the mass produced tourist trinkets, crowds or rushed atmosphere. Vendors are happy to answer questions, local market-goers are eager to step in and offer their help when language difficulties arise, prices are reasonable and there’s plenty of parking available.

Vendors make up a mix of dealers from neighbouring Hungary, Slovakia and some weeks you can even find a few Romanian stalls. Some of the vendors carry over from the Naschtmarkt’s Saturday market as they make their way home to their respective countries. Eager to unload their stock before the long drive home, there are some great bargains to be had and vendors are much more relaxed and approachable. There are also a number of local hobbyists who are eager to show off their collections and can give you in-depth information about each piece.

Additional Tips! 

* This is an outdoor market so it’s wise to keep an eye on the weather report. Vendors are quick to pack up early and hobbyists might be reluctant to set up shop when a storm is brewing.

* Vendors come from all over Eastern Europe. While many speak German and a few speak English, it’s best to have a pad of paper and a pen to negotiate prices.

Hours: 6 am – 12 pm every Sunday from April until September.

Location: 7000 Eisenstadt, Kika/Markur Parkplatz, Mattersburgerstraße 50-52, Burgenland, Austria

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