Spring in Burgenland!

Spring harkened back of all kinds of weather in Burgenland. There was rain, hail, snow, sunshine and winds that could give Mary Poppins a run for her money at up 100 kilometers per hour. Temperatures ranged from -2° to +22° C and the landscape transformed from dreary and dull to vibrant and lively as fruit trees and shrubs exploded with colour.

In the villages, shutters were pulled up and windows opened, people stepped out from their winter hibernation, vintners tended their vines, castles and heurigers re-opened, maypoles were risen, the vineyards were tended and markets sprung up across the lands.

Personally, it’s been a very busy time preparing preparing the gardens, online classes, obtaining Austrian residency and starting my new writing and communications consulting business. There was also the much anticipated Weinfrühling Gols and the chance to hop a ride to Innsbruck and Salzburg for some sightseeing last week. But more to come on that later!

With cloudy skies, cool temperatures and calls for stormy weather with wind warnings in effect I’ve decided to take the day to catch up on The Village Plate, continue working on my new website and do some spring cleaning (how fun is that?!?). I hope you enjoy the photos posted on Flickr and Facebook along with the blog posts and recipes that I’m working on.

Have a great day!

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