Easter in Austria

It was a busy month here in Gols and my blog had to take a back seat for awhile.

As many of you know, I’ve been taking classes towards my certification in Social Media through Algonquin college’s online education programme. With the winter term coming to an end, I’ve been catching up with college assignments. The classes are interesting and it’s great to have something to occupy my mind occupied while I wait for my writing and photography licenses to process.

The past month also saw the arrival of spring weather and Easter festivities. This year, I joined my boyfriend’s family for lunch at the local resto-pub where we hung out,  drank wine and socialized until late in the night. Chocolates were passed out, coloured boiled eggs were knocked together while the kids drew pictures and worked on their puzzles.

We also found time to explore a few of the Easter Markets in Vienna. I love the Easter Markets with their piles of intricately decorated eggs, pussy willows and tulips, wicker baskets and pottery displayed in charming wooden huts. During the day, children ran around laughing,  the grown ups drank spritzers and tourists snapped pictures while the smell of candied nuts filled the air. Although the weather was a bit schizophrenic, we did have a few days of fine weather which was perfect for exploring and soaking up some sunshine after a long and dreary winter.

Here are some photos from Vienna’s Easter Markets. I hope you enjoy them!

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